Workforce Solution

Get more out of your workforce

Any hospitality operator will tell you that effectively organising staff can be one of the most stressful, time consuming and costly issues facing their business.

The Bluize Workforce Solution, with our unique Time Target BE package, addresses these issues with simple, efficient and accurate attendance recording, intelligent rostering, comprehensive award interpretation, and seamless export to payroll.

TimeTarget Workforce Management Interface

Time Target BE is a comprehensive labour management tool that is simple to use and easy to maintain. It is specifically designed to save money on wages and remove the workforce issues facing hospitality venues.

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Accurate Time & Attendance

Staff log in and out each day through fingerprint scan, swipe card, or proximity reader.

This process takes only seconds and ensures staff are at the venue at the times they are being paid for, resulting in significant wage cost savings.

This process also reduces time and inaccuracies in filling out and transferring timesheets.

Accurate Wage Percentages

With Bluize sales figures automatically exported to TimeTarget you see your true Wage Percentages against sales, and enjoy significant savings through reduced Wage Costs, Timesheet Processing, Calculation errors, Transcription errors, Award Interpretation errors, and Rostering.

Convenient Messaging & Memo’s

A comprehensive messaging system allows memo’s to be sent to individuals or groups of staff, and ensures staff don’t miss important messages by displaying on the screen when they login for their shift. Staff can also view their rosters and check timesheets at the login screen.