Clubs Membership Solution

The Bluize Clubs Membership Solution demonstrates our clear understanding of the priorities and requirements of renewing clubs memberships – automated rollover procedures, fast renewal processes, simple automated suspension and cancellation settings, one-touch mailout and email procedures, and the ability to record and report on all the important details you need to know about your club’s members.

Manage your club’s memberships more easily, and communicate with your members more effectively and efficiently, with the Bluize Clubs Membership Solution.

Automatic Renewals

The purpose of any business tool should always be to reduce time spent on manual operations by automating what can be automated, and the Bluize Clubs Membership Software is certainly a leader in doing just that.

Renewals are always an extremely busy time of the year for any club, however with the Bluize Clubs Membership Solution the entire renewals process has been streamlined to a series of automated processes and simple checks.

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Mailouts, Email and SMS

Simple mailing processes allow you to easily produce bulk letters, envelopes and emails for a specified group of members in only seconds. This can be for renewal notices, overdue payment reminders, birthday vouchers, brochures or newsletters.

Custom fields allow you to determine what information is merged into your mailings, and then one-touch export procedures output custom merge documents.

You can even easily setup automated SMS and Email messages to your members for things like renewal reminders, welcome letters, birthday greetings and reward notifications.

Easy Card Printing

Many clubs like to print and encode their own cards and this is a great advantage because you can print member names and details on cards, and specify their card number instead of being restricted to pre-encoded numbering. Unfortunately this can often be a slow process and usually requires maintaining a separate member database or manually entering member details for each card.

With the Bluize Clubs Memberships Software you can instantly print and encode member cards in one click. And as always our software is flexible and allows you to decide what you what printed on your cards.

Convenient Reporting

One of the most important features of a membership management tool, especially one that automates key functions, is to know what’s going on. You need to know who is due for renewal, who is unfinancial, who has been suspended, how many members you have, the demographic breakdown of your members, how often they visit, when they last visited, etc etc etc.

The Bluize Clubs Memberships Software provides instant real-time access to all this information and more, and you can even schedule these reports to print or email as you require them – daily, weekly or monthly.