Bottleshop Solution

The Bluize Bottleshop Solution has evolved dramatically with recent industry changes.

A comprehensive bottleshop management tool that offers high-speed product selection and service in combination with optional information views, one-touch label printing, and advanced pricing management including superior mix & match functionality and price override settings.

Incorporating mobile stocktake and maintenance technology and automated shelf label generation, the Bluize Bottleshop solution is dedicated to getting you more out of your bottleshop operation as efficiently as possible.

Get more power and control in your drive-thru bottleshop or retail liquor store, with the Bluize Bottleshop Solution.

Advanced Point of Sale

The Bluize PC POS terminal is the ultimate point of sale terminal for drive-thru and retail bottleshops.

It provides unprecedented power in meeting bottleshop selling requirements, and its pc platform allows full management access to real-time information and maintenance functionality, without needing an additional pc and monitor.

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Automated Signage and Labels

Bluize understand that regular pricing changes are a reality of bottleshop operation, so to simplify the process we have incorporated an automated labelling component that alerts you of pricing changes for specials, increases etc, and automatically generates new shelf labels (which are customisable to your specific venue or group) to update your shelf displays.

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Efficient Stocktake

Stocktake is a necessary but time consuming process, and with potential recording, calculation and data entry errors it can often be inaccurate.

The Bluize StockAbout provides a new level in stocktake efficiency and accuracy with portable scanning, barcode maintenance, and recognition of vintages, duplicated barcodes and package sizes.

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Scheduled Pricing and Mix&Match

Accurate pricing is critical in maintaining margins within a competitive market, and with our Venue Management Software your prices are assured through secure maintenance routines and easy price change wizards for scheduling changes such as specials and promotions.

The Bluize Venue Management Software also caters to all variations of Mix & Match requirements including percentage discounts and fixed pricing for mixed packs.

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