Bluize have been providing superior venue solutions to the Hospitality industry for more than 20 years.

During this time we have developed a proven track-record and gained a wealth of experience in meeting the specific needs of different styles of hospitality operations in small and large hotels, drive-thru and retail bottleshops, sporting and community clubs, and RSL sub-branches.

Whatever your particular size and style of venue, we can tailor a solution to meet your exact needs.

Bar Solution

The Bluize Bar Solution focuses on high-speed bar service, flexible service options, till security, and effective pricing and stock control to help you get the most out of your bar operation.

Bistro Solution

The Bluize Bistro Solution gives your venue maximum flexibility and service options in catering to your dining patrons.

Bottleshop Solution

A comprehensive bottleshop management tool that offers high-speed product selection and service in combination with optional information views, one-touch label printing, and advanced pricing management including superior mix & match functionality and price override settings.

Restaurant Solution

The Bluize Restaurant Solution is specifically targeted toward the unique ordering and service requirements associated with restaurant table service. The emphasis is on portable ordering for efficient table service and value-add sales, and touch terminals with large viewing areas to assist in advanced table operations such as bill splitting and tabs

Loyalty Solution

The Bluize Loyalty Solution is an advanced loyalty tool that focuses on getting your customers back into your venue on a regular basis, buying more of the products you want them to

Group Loyalty Solution

Recognise and reward members when they visit any venue in your group. Being able to offer your members the same recognition and rewards throughout your group of venues provides a distinct advantage in ensuring they keep choosing your brand.

Gaming Loyalty Solution

The Bluize Gaming Loyalty Solution is the most advanced gaming loyalty solution available in the hospitality market today. It reaches a new level of sophistication in gaming loyalty and ensures you accurately reward the right members for their true gaming activity.

Accommodation Solution

Bluize hospitality solutions partnered with industry-leading Property Management systems, offering a comprehensive Accommodation Solution for all hotels and clubs with accommodation facilities.

Workforce Solution

The Bluize Workforce Solution, with our unique Time Target BE package, is a comprehensive labour management tool that is simple to use and easy to maintain. It is specifically designed to save money on wages and remove the workforce issues facing hospitality venues.