Stock Control

Accurate and efficient Stock Control is at the core of any effective hospitality business solution. Such high volumes of stock pass through a hospitality venue that any uncontrolled movements can very quickly add up to considerable costs and losses. Consider your venue’s monthly stock costs, and what an extra few percent in costs would mean. Or better yet, think about how much extra profit can be generated by reducing current stock costs and losses

Real-Time Stock On Hand

The very first step in controlling stock moving through your venue is to know at any time exactly what stock you should have, and be able to compare this to actual stock on hand.

Because all Bluize activity is processed in real-time you can check at any moment exactly what should be in your venue, both in physical quantity and dollar value. This provides the freedom to perform spot-checks and other monitoring activities at any time instead of being restricted to start or end of day or even month.

FIFO Means Detailed Tracking

All stock movements, from arriving and being invoiced to leaving the system through a sale or other process, are tracked using the FIFO (First In First Out) method to ensure accurate reporting of stock and profit information.

Whether the item being sold arrived yesterday or last year, costs are maintained and tracked to show real costs and profits, not just theoretical figures based on recent activity.

Importantly, this also allows you to accurately monitor cost changes and strategically plan pricing to maintain margins and profitability.

Advanced Costing Options

For complete convenience in reporting movement and profit information we provide a range of costing options to meet your specific needs.

All information is tracked and reported at Actual Cost by default, to display true financial profits based on actual purchase and sale figures, but you can also very easily select Average or Last Cost reporting whenever required.

Comprehensive Reporting

Easier and more frequent monitoring leads to tighter stock control, which leads to increased profit margins.

The Bluize Venue Management Software provides convenient real-time access to stock movement information, including specific activity reports designed to provide management with snapshot summaries of key movements and transactions. Any anomalies can then be easily investigated through more detailed reporting options.