Shelf Labels

Labelling requirements for the hospitality industry, and Bottleshops in particular, have become very specific. Shelf labels and promotional signs need to be produced quickly and efficiently, and need to be highly customisable to meet the unique branding of each group or chain.

Bluize have invested significant resource into this area to ensure that any size, format or layout can be produced effortlessly. The result is instant single-touch printing of shelf labels or promotional signage for price updates, specials and promotions, or label replacement.

For ultimate convenience, labels can be easily produced from any number of price-related software functions and hardware devices. So no matter how your Bottleshop operates, there is a convenient Labels printing solution to suit.


The Bluize Stockabout is a powerful management tool for any Bottleshop environment. As well as providing efficient stocktake and maintenance functionality, the Labels feature allows users to quickly scan a range of items, and instantly print labels or signs.

The simple procedure allows you to select from any of your pre-configured Labels options, and Print. One-touch printing of shelf labels or signs for specials, price changes or replacement of old labels.


Each morning, our intelligent PC POS point of sale terminal automatically prompts users to print new labels for any price changes that have been applied overnight.

These are even separated into Maintenance changes and Specials, so you can select different Labels configurations and print onto different labels for specials as opposed to regular price changes.

Price Change Wizard

Because most price changes are performed through our clever Price Change Wizard, it makes sense to then print new Labels for the changes – whether they’re maintenance updates or temporary specials.

Once the Price Change has been created, simply click on the Labels feature and select the required style of labels or signs from your list of pre-configured options, and Print.

Product Families

Product Families provide a simple way to print labels for a defined grouping of products. This is generally used as a maintenance function to replace old labels for a product range or area of your venue.

Simply assign the required products to the Family, and select the required Labels from your list of pre-configured options.