The Facts That Matter

A sophisticated business system that tracks all your venue’s sales, stock, till and staff activities is of little use if you can’t quickly and easily monitor performance and identify issues and concerns. Information needs to be easily accessible, provide the right level of detail for your needs, and most of all be up-to-date.

Our Reporting functionality is designed to provide all the information you could possibly need to manage your venue, and we’ve developed intelligent system processes to ensure you can receive this information efficiently and conveniently. As always, this crucial functionality is completely customisable so you can decide exactly how much information you need, and when.

Real-Time Information

Because your Bluize solution is ‘live’ and all transactions are processed immediately without requiring end-of-day processes or overnight updates, you always have access to the most current information about your venue – right to the present second.

This is critical in providing management with the tools to effectively make decisions, review activity, identify errors and issues, and prevent losses.

Playing Favourites for Convenience

The Bluize Report Favourites feature brings added convenience and efficiency to reports generation, allowing users to easily compile a custom list of most frequently used reports for quick easy access from one central location.

Automated Reporting Saves Time

At the core of the Bluize philosophy on business systems is the belief that machines and technology should bring efficiency and convenience to business practises. This is demonstrated throughout our reporting component in processes that automate common tasks and prevent unnecessary work.

All reports can be saved, so once you select your required style of report, level of detail, and report parameters, you can easily Save these selections for instant Recall at any future time, without needing to re-select your preferences.

All reports can also be scheduled to automatically generate on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. And you can have these reports print to any printer on your network, or conveniently email to any email addresses you desire, at whatever time works for you.

Data Export

For advanced data users, reports can even be exported to a range of document formats such as excel spreadsheets and csv files to enable manipulation of data into grids, tables and charts for complete customisation of system data.