Debtor Accounts

Most hospitality venues utilise some degree of accounts functionality, whether for internal management, committee or promotional accounts; accounts for corporate clients, clubs and organisations; personal accounts for individual customers; function accounts; or pre-charged cards for prizes, rewards and promotions.\

The Bluize Debtors functionality caters to all these requirements, and seamlessly integrates to all point of sale terminals to allow account charging, payments, balance checking, and even invoice generation, from any point of sale terminal.

And with our advanced security features, all account operations can be secured with restricted access levels, and all account transactions are tracked to provide full auditing of all account activity.

Internal Accounts

To maintain accurate stock control and ensure that staff are able to easily record all product usage, Internal Accounts for things like management, committee, kitchen and promotional use can be easily setup and maintained.

Products rung up on the tills are charged to the account to provide detailed tracking of internal budgets and costs.

Account functionality can also be limited to selected staff members to further secure these operations.

Corporate Accounts

For many venues their Corporate Account customers such as businesses, sporting organisations and community groups represent a significant and very important part of their ongoing trade.

It’s important to be able to offer these clients a secure and effective credit facility, and the Debtors component caters to all these requirements – from convenient account charging and balance information at point of sale, to customisable security and detailed reporting of account activity.


Account Invoices provide detailed records of all items and amounts in each purchase and can be generated automatically upon purchase or manually as required, according to your custom settings for each account.


The flexible Statements functionality allows statements to be produced as required, for a single account, or for all accounts. While most venues would generate Statements monthly, this is not a system requirement and they can be produced whenever necessary.

All Statements contain summary details of purchases, payments and any other account activity, along with staged current and 30, 60 and 90 day balances.