Balancing & Banking

Till balancing is one of the most fundamental (and for some venues most time consuming) daily practises for hospitality businesses.

With high volumes of cash passing through busy operations over thousands of transactions by many different staff, it is vital that the reconciliation process be efficient, simple and accurate.

Because till reconciliation is so central to our clients’ operation, we have consulted with industry professionals to ensure that our Till Balancing procedure meets every requirement of all styles of hospitality operation.

Secure Blind Balancing

With our secure Blind Balancing routine, subordinate staff are able to record till takings without having access to zread figures, saving admin time while maintaining cash control security.

Summary Items

Our Summary Items component allows venues to enter takings figures for all miscellaneous items such as pool tables, pay phones, arcade machines, etc.

This feature provides complete customisation to create entries for unique revenue streams as required.

Comprehensive Reporting Options

Create banking summaries for any period, including compiling a weekly or monthly summary of zreads that have already been reported in daily sheets. This means you have the ability to match the periods of posting to your General Ledger application, making consolidated totals easily available for simple data transfer.

You can also determine which media types are included in the reconciliation process, and select the level of detail displayed in the summary sheets, providing you with the power to report on takings and revenue in the way that best suits your needs.