Venue Management Software

Stock Control, Custom Pricing, Real-Time Reporting & Debtors all in one simple to use package

Bluize are proud to offer one of the most advanced Point of Sale and Stock Control solutions available in today’s market.

We’ve incorporated two powerful components to bring you a complete Venue Management solution. Combining real-time stock control with a flexible Point of Sale system that will continually benefit your venue as you grow and evolve; saving you time and money now and into the future and giving you freedom.

Our Venue Management Software has been specifically developed to provide hospitality owners and managers with a powerful management tool for their bar, bistro and bottleshop operations.

Real-Time Stock Control

Bluize Venue Management Software incorporates comprehensive real-time tracking of every stock movement and value to give you instant access to current stock levels and detailed activity history.

Perform spot-checks, replenish on the fly, and easily generate purchase orders at any time with accurate and reliable up-to-date details.

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Right Price Every Time

Accurate pricing is critical in maintaining margins within a competitive market, and with our Venue Management Software your prices are assured through secure maintenance routines and easy price change wizards.

With costs and margins incorporated into pricing procedures you can easily check your margins against your pricing changes. And service staff do not have access to price manipulation at the tills, guaranteeing the integrity of your pricing and margins.

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Minimise Theft and Loss

Utilise accurate and timely information to gain tighter control over stock assets and improve accountability and procedures. Efficiently minimise the risk of theft through greater awareness of holdings, movements and processes.

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Cash Control

With high volumes of cash passing through busy operations over thousands of transactions by many different staff, it is vital that the reconciliation process be efficient, simple and accurate.

We have consulted with industry professionals to create simple cash balancing routines that maintain security and provide comprehensive and flexible reporting of banking and variances.

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