RMS is an Australian software company producing and supporting Online Booking, Channel Management and Front Office Systems to the world’s hospitality industry. RMS has been at the forefront of development of property and reservations management systems for over 30 years.

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RMS Property Management

The RMS property management system is complimented with seamless, real time online bookings functionality to receive bookings from a property’s website, the global distribution system and a broad range of third party travel websites.

There are over 4,000 properties in 25 countries taking advantage of the unique ability to have online bookings, channel management and a front office system in a single application.

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Efficient Checkout

With the Bluize RMS Interface, guests can charge meals, drinks, or anything else in your venue straight to their room account at any Point of Sale terminal.

Charges are automatically exported to your RMS accommodation system to enable fast completion of checkout procedures without delays or manual calculation and processing of room charges.

Reduce checkout times, increase operational efficiency, and provide greater convenience to your guests with a seamless RMS Interface.

Customised Billing

With our customisable room account functionality, you can determine whether room charges are exported as individual transactions or batch exports, so guests can receive detailed itemised billing, or a single amount summary.