Integrated Eftpos

Superior Speed & Accuracy

Our sensational Eftpos integration provides incredible improvements in service speed and accuracy for Eftpos and Credit Card transactions. The automatic integrated process is less intrusive to customers and allows your staff to serve them more quickly.

Our integration utilises the trusted and proven PC-Eftpos payment solutions to allow sales from the till to pass seamlessly to the pinpad terminals and onto the bank and back for secure accurate card transactions in barely seconds. This is undoubtedly the better way to perform carded transactions.

Simply Faster Service

At the press of a button the sale amount is sent instantly from the till to the pinpad terminal, ready for the customer to present their card. No more delays with staff reaching for pinpads, manually keying amounts, correcting keying errors, and asking customers for cards. Your customers are served faster and your staff can focus on service instead of the Eftpos pinpads.

Flawless Accuracy

Gone are the days of incorrect till and Eftpos balancing through operator keying errors. The till sends the exact sale amount to the pinpad and the pinpad returns the matching approval to the till. With no manual keying in-between the till and the pinpad always approve the correct amount.

Less Intrusive

With Integrated Eftpos your staff now have no need to handle customer cards. The Eftpos pinpad prompts the customer for their card, and the customer does the rest. And with the prevalence of paywave this process is simple and instant for both the customer and the operator.

PC-Eftpos Quality & Reliability

Our Eftpos Integration is powered by PC-Eftpos, Australia’s leader in Eftpos payment solutions. This provides us and our clients with the confidence of a fast, accurate and reliable Eftpos solution with a proven Australian company.

With over 120,000 terminals currently operating with PC-Eftpos software Australia wide, PC-Eftpos is the largest supplier of integrated Eftpos solutions in Australia. And Bluize is an accredited Integrated PC-Eftpos Payment Solution supplier.

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