Targeted Promotions

Efficiently and Accurately Target Loyalty Promotions to the right members, for the right activities, at the right times

Increasingly, loyalty programs and related activities need to be automated to provide hospitality venues with efficiency and consistency, while being highly customisable to meet the unique promotional needs of each venue, and ensure they are targeting and rewarding their truly loyal members.

Our Targeted Promotions feature was developed specifically for these reasons. In response to feedback and requests from many clients about the range of specific activities they were attempting to perform, and the enormous time required to achieve these goals, we are pleased to offer unique loyalty functionality that surpasses all others.

From automated member sms and emailing to custom rewards for purchases and controlled member draw functionality, Targeted Promotions puts control in your hands, and gives you the time promote your business.

Event Promotions

Notify members of events, specials and promotions effortlessly with automated Event Promotions.

Easily schedule cost-effective SMS and Email messaging to select targeted member groups for optimum times. Decide which members to send which messages and when, then sit back as our Events Promotions feature automatically sends your customised SMS and/or Email messages.

No more forgetting to advertise, missing deadlines, or spending hours continually producing manual messages. This is the smart way to promote your venue.

POS Promotions

Enjoy the control and convenience of targeting member rewards for specific purchase and visit activity. Configure rewards based on targeted products and quantities purchased, and pre-determined spend and visit requirements.

Reward your loyal members with points prizes, raffles and vouchers for any prize you care to award, with automated prize allocation for specified activity levels. Vouchers and raffle tickets can be configured with custom prize messages, and automatically printed to any printer, and complimentary products can be auto-added into the customer’s purchase.

Member Draws

Forget about random number generators, missing number sequences, absent members, and the various other hassles with manual Member Draws. Now enjoy the convenience of scheduling automated Member Draws to occur at designated times with exciting flash display countdown and winners details displayed on any connected venue screens.

Ensure the right members are winning by specifying eligible targeted groups to be included in the draw, based on member and membership criteria, financial status, spend and visit activity, or a range of other related criteria.

Raffle Draws

To simplify the Raffle Draw process, we have applied the same functionality used for the Member Draws with an open number range option. Simply enter a start and end number and the same exciting countdown process will announce a random winning number from the entered range.

The Raffle Draw process can be scheduled for set draw times, or manually run as required, with a fixed number range or custom entry.