Member Distribution

Recognise and reward members when they visit any venue in your group, without extra maintenance or multiple member records

As groups strive to develop and maintain brand loyalty, convenience and consistency become telling factors in consumer decisions.

Customers want to rely on a brand they know and trust, wherever they are.

And with the extensive travel that people undertake for work, vacation and social activities, being able to offer your members the same recognition and rewards throughout your group of venues provides a distinct advantage in ensuring they keep choosing your brand.

One Database. One Card

Say goodbye to entering and maintaining members at each venue, inconsistent information across the group, confusion and frustration for members and staff, and mountains of unnecessary admin.

The Member Distribution Solution means one database for your whole group, so a member only needs to be added once and only one member record is maintained.

One member record also means the member only needs one card. Forget trying to find the right card amongst a wallet full of candidates, and no more disgruntled members not being recognised at some venues because their records haven’t been accurately maintained.

Liability Local to Each Venue

The Member Distribution Solution allows groups to enjoy the benefits of a single member database, while still maintaining separate points balances and records for each venue.

Member transactions remain local to the venue they occur, so venues can maintain independent points ratios and liabilities while still gaining the advantages of a group-wide loyalty program.

Communication Is The Key

One of the great commodities in modern business is the ability to communicate with a captive audience, and having a single group-wide database offers great advantages in communicating with your loyal members.

While venues can still conduct their own local contacts, the Member Distribution Solution unleashes the power of sending group mailouts, emails and sms messages, to all members or to a targeted group of recipients.