Learning how to use your new Bluize solution from highly experienced Bluize experts, and learning how to use only what you need, ensures maximum success and minimum delay in getting the best results from day one.

Every venue has slightly different operational requirements and practises, and different staffing skills and responsibilities, so although we have a standard core of training sessions and outcomes, every training experience is moulded to suit the specific responsibilities, required learning outcomes and existing experience levels of each group.

We’ve been training hospitality venues to get the most out of Bluize solutions for more than 20 years. We understand how important training is, and we are committed to providing your staff with the most effective learning experiences possible.

Bluize Hospitality Experts

All our training is conducted by experienced Bluize experts who not only have an in-depth knowledge of our software and the intricacies of the many options available, but are also experienced hospitality staff themselves, giving them a genuine understanding of hospitality operations and the application of our solutions in meeting your venue’s unique operational needs.

Custom Training

Although we generally conduct a series of structured training sessions to progress new users from basic functionality through to advanced operations, our clients often have staff who only need to perform specific tasks, or may want a refresher on certain areas of the system.

With this in mind we will always work with you to create custom training sessions to address specific venue needs. The flexibility to meet your venue’s requirements is paramount in our focus to deliver the services that our clients need to get more out of their Bluize solution.

New Staff

We understand that staff come and go, in the hospitality industry more so than most, so we offer ongoing and affordable training options for new staff.

While some venues have experienced Bluize users who can train new staff, this can be time consuming and often it is the key person who is being replaced, so at any time we can organise a schedule with you to train new staff – whether it be a group or an individual staff member.