Scanning Hardware

Speed and Accuracy

Barcode scanners are a critical tool in maximising the efficiency and accuracy of point of sale service.

A quality scanner allows your staff to quickly and accurately ring up sale items, and with the number of barcoded liquor products a scanner is an obvious solution to improve speed and accuracy in bottlshops, bars and even bistro areas where wines may look similar to inexperienced staff but have significantly different pricing.

At Bluize we offer a range of fast and reliable scanners to suit all hospitality needs.

Better Service

A quality scanner provides the fastest and most accurate possible way to ring up products for a sale.

This means less waiting time for customers being served and no keying errors or selecting the wrong products, resulting in a far greater efficiency and professionalism in your customer service.

Accurate Stock Control, Pricing and Profits

Scanners ensure accurate stock control by eliminating keying errors and incorrect product selection. With staff scanning manufacturer barcodes it is no longer possible to hit the wrong key or select the wrong item.

Scanning technology also addresses product knowledge issues and prevents staff incorrectly selling premium products as the base counterpart, maintaining accurate stock control and protecting precious profit margins.

Bottleshop Scanners

A scanner is an absolute necessity for any bottleshop operation. Almost all bottleshop products are barcoded, and with lower margins and higher volumes speed and accuracy of service is paramount.

We recommend larger scanners specifically designed to handle higher scanning volumes and larger scan ranges to quickly and effectively scan cartons and boxes.

Bar Scanners

Bar scanners are less common, but a really good addition to your bar or bistro operation, especially when bottles of wine are involved.

Apart from being significantly quicker, using a scanner in your bar or bistro ensures staff cannot ring up the wrong item, and with the price differences between budget and premium wine bottles this can result in significant savings.