Hardware Partners

Thriving in Tough Conditions

The hardware supplied in our solutions is a vital aspect of your venue’s operation.

Equipment needs to work and work every time; in busy, hot, messy hospitality environments. Not all equipment meets this challenge.

That’s why we take the selection of our hardware partners very seriously. We need to be sure that their equipment won’t let you down. We seek out the most reliable hardware available, with a focus on equipment that has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry and its unique operating conditions.

NCR Hospitality

NCR Point Of Sale terminals are the benchmark in hospitality-specific terminals worldwide, and continue to lead the way with unrivalled reliability and constantly evolving technology.

NCR is a critical part of our business and provides us with great confidence in every aspect of our Point of Sale solutions. We believe that ROM-based tills are absolutely necessary for this industry, and the ROM-based operation of NCR terminals ensures that tills are always operational no matter what happens to your pc or network, providing a certainty of operation that is vital in hospitality.

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