Bistro Solution

The Bluize Bistro Solution gives your venue maximum flexibility and service options in catering to your dining patrons.

The emphasis is on touch technology for quicker and easier placement of orders, large viewing areas to assist in advanced table operations, and portable ordering for efficient table service and value-add sales.

Remote kitchen printing with defined print allocations is standard, and automated prompts for cooking instructions assist both service and kitchen staff.

Give your patrons a perfect dining experience, with the help of the Bluize Bistro Solution.

Flexible Point of Sale With Touch Technology

With the expectations of customers in dining environments, food service has become one of the most demanding operations in hospitality.

The EzyTouch is the ideal terminal for any dining operation, with large displays and custom key layouts to make it easier than ever for service staff to quickly and accurately enter customer orders and manage tables, including split bills.

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Efficiency Through Portable Ordering

The WalkAbout is the ultimate tool for table service and value-add sales. With increasing pressure to reduce staffing costs and maximise sales opporunities the WalkAbout allows your staff to spend less time walking around and more time serving your customers.

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Custom Kitchen Printing

While it may seem like a simple thing, Kitchen Printing has a significant impact on your kitchen’s ability to quickly deliver the correct meals to your patrons.

Separation of Entrees from Mains, highlighted cooking and service instructions, and clearly identified order quantities are all standard features of our kitchen printing solution.

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Easy Menu Maintenance

The Bluize Venue Management Software allows you to quickly and easily customise menu items and kitchen and service instructions, specify till layouts and printing configurations, and report on what’s selling and what isn’t, as well as cost and profit information on sales.

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