Bar Solution

The Bluize Bar Solution focuses on high-speed bar service, flexible service options, till security, and effective pricing and stock control to help you get the most out of your bar operation.

With the unlimited scaleability of the Bluize Bar Solution, new terminals can be easily added as your venue grows or changes, without restriction to your operation or change in software.

And you can easily integrate a seamless Loyalty program to maximise repeat business through venue loyalty without requiring any additional equipment. Get your bar up to speed, with the Bluize Bar Solution.

Fast Point of Sale

Quick and easy to use Point of Sale terminals are at the centre of any good bar operation. Your staff need to be able to ring up customer purchases quickly and accurately, and the VersaTerm is the fastest and most reliable Point of Sale terminal available today.

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Till Security

Fast service is of little use if products aren’t being rung up correctly or are being discounted or given away, or if till balances are constantly down. With Staff Trak you can be sure your bar staff are on track by monitoring performance and easily reviewing questionable transactions such as No Sales, Discounts and Returns.

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Management Control

The Bluize Venue Management Software is a key business tool for any successful hospitality operation. It accurately tracks all stock and product information in real-time, giving you instant access to important information and providing complete control over management decisions such as pricing and discounts.

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Customer Loyalty

A well managed loyalty program is one of the most successful modern business tools, and the Bluize Point of Sale Loyalty option is a great addition for any Bar Solution. Increase customer loyalty and visit frequency with just rewards for your loyal patrons.

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