Accurate pricing is critical in maintaining margins within a competitive market, and with our Venue Management Software your prices are assured through secure maintenance routines and easy price change wizards for scheduling changes such as specials and happy hours.

And with costs and margins incorporated into pricing procedures you can easily check your margins against your pricing changes.

Unlimited Price Levels

Create and maintain custom Price Levels to easily manage margins and pricing strategies.

Utilise Price Levels to differentiate pricing between service areas such as Bar and Bottleshop, for time requirements such as Night or Function prices, or for customer types such as Corporate, Member of Staff purchases.

Price Levels can be a set price, or a percentage margin or discount, and all can be easily scheduled to automatically start and end as required.

Convenient Price Change Wizard

The Price Change Wizard is a great example of utilising technology to simplify necessary operational procedures.

Follow the simple steps of this intuitive wizard to create and schedule recurring changes such as Happy Hours and promotional pricing, fixed term changes such as Bottleshop Specials, and one-off updates such as CPI increases.

Simply specify when you want the price change to begin and end, and enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that all price changes will be automatically applied as required.

Advanced Mix & Match

Our Mix & Match functionality helps you control and automate pricing for mixed pack purchases.

Create Mix & Match rules for set-price packs such as mixed premix, or percentage discounts such as 10% off for 6 or more wines. You can also apply additional discount levels for larger purchases such as dozens.

Mix & Match rules can be easily applied to a select range of products or brand, or to a general product group such as wines. And Mix & Match rules are automatically applied at all point of sale terminals.

StockAbout Adds Convenience

Our clever Stockabout unit provides managers with instant mobile access to pricing information and maintenance.

Scan Bottleshop items for price checks or search Bar items to check and update pricing on the run, without needing to go back to office pcs to correct or change prices.

Managers love the freedom, convenience and control they get from our unique Stockabout unit.

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