Website Integrations

A Bluize Website Integration is an ideal way to give your customers a seamless shopping experience.  With your customer website and Bluize Solution working together your pricing and specials information is automatically updated to your website, and  online customer orders automatically update your Bluize sales and stock on hand records.

Perfect Pricing

With your customer Website integrated with your Bluize solution you can stop making price and product updates twice, and forget worrying about whether you’ve remembered to update your website. Product price changes and Specials in Bluize are automatically sent to your website.

Live Stock on Hand

When customers view items on your website they can see how many you have available. And as soon as online purchases are made your Bluize stock on hand levels are updated accordingly.

Tasting Notes and Information

Tasting notes, Region and other information entered in your Bluize system are easily accessed by online shoppers, giving them more information to help make their important purchase decisions.

Automated Ease

With a Bluize Website Integration you can forget about all the manual updating and double-handling to keep your website up-to-date with your pricing and operation. The integration means you make a change once and it automatically flows through to the places it needs to go.