TimeTarget is a market leading Workforce Management, Time and Attendance and Rostering solution. It allows you to streamline and automate your processes to reduce your costs and eliminate time consuming and error prone manual activities. It is a robust and easy to use solution with many unique features that are all designed to enable you to focus on your core business.

Flexibility and scalability are two of the key features of TimeTarget, making it an ideal solution for all industry segments and different size businesses. We have clients from all the different industries and they range in size from small family owned businesses, such as a restaurant employing a handful of people, to large multinational corporations employing thousands of people, across multiple locations.

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Intelligent Rostering

Time Target BE provides you with the right information to make educated decisions about who you want working when, and at the best possible cost, including wage percentages against sales forecasts.

It handles staff unavailabilities and planning and rostering across multiple shifts and pay rates, saving you time when creating rosters and helping reduce your wage costs.

Accurate Award Interpretation

Industry-leading Award Interpretation engine caters to the most complex of pay rules and award requirements, and ensures an accurate and clear picture from roster creation through to payroll output.

Time-Saving Payroll Export

No more manual data entry and award interpretation.

Staff times are held as electronic timesheets and once approved are exported direct to your payroll system, saving administration time and ensuring accuracy.

Cost Savings

TimeTarget continuously saves you money and pays for itself in no time.

Calculating and notifying you of labour costs for shifts in real time, enabling you to make sound business decisions during rostering and other tasks.

Notifying you during rostering if certain conditions impacting cost would be invoked, e.g. overtime, shift gap violations or penalty loadings.

Enabling you to set budgetary and forecast targets and using the Key Performance Indicator (KPI) and reporting tools to analyse and track your business performance against those targets.