Solution

The Bluize Sign-In Solution is Fast, Easy to Use, and helps licensed clubs save money

The Registered Clubs Act requires all clubs to enforce the 5 Kilometre Rule, and manage and record entry of all club visitors. But ensuring licensing requirements are met can be a real nightmare. Confusing for visitors and intrusive for members, the process not only requires extra staff but may also be troublesome during busy times.

Enter the Bluize Sign-In Solution. Visitors scan their license at the interactive kiosk and within five seconds address details are checked against your club’s radius postcodes.

If a visitor chooses not to scan their license they can use a touch screen pen to sign in manually. Visitors receive a sign in receipt and are walking into your club within 10 seconds. No more sign in books, no more lengthy lineups, and no more excess security staff.

Address Licensing Requirements

The Bluize Sign-In Solution addresses all your club’s licensing requirements by quickly checking each visitor’s details, requiring signature confirmation and providing the necessary visitor receipt records.

Visitor receipts contain visit date and time, confirmation of club regulations, the visitor’s authorisation signature, and can also display the visitor’s photo for easy confirmation.

The Sign-In Solution also alerts the venue to any ineligible temporary members or underage visitors.

Cut Operational Costs

Many clubs are now being required to employ additional security staff to check visitor identification and enforce the licensing requirements. This comes at considerable cost and places additional responsibility on the club. Sign-in books mean additional ongoing costs, as well as the inconvenience of ordering and storage.

With the Bluize Sign-In Solution  the need for security and reception staff is reduced and sign in books are no longer required, saving clubs thousands of dollars annually.

Prevent Entry Delays

Having security and reception staff checking visitor identification is a slow and intrusive process, resulting in long lineups, delayed entry, and dissatisfied patrons.

Visitors have to wait in queue as security staff check identification, spend additional time handwriting their details into sign in books, and hope there’s a working pen nearby, before they can get inside and start enjoying your club.

With the Bluize Sign-In Solution the process is much quicker and visitors can maintain their privacy by self-scanning their license, or manually enter their details on the touch screen. The Sign-In screens are easy to use and provides your club with a more professional and user friendly sign in process.

Increase Membership and Marketing

The Bluize Sign-In Solution maintains a history of all club visitors and their details, providing the opportunity for mailouts and marketing to visitors if this has been stated as part of the club’s entry and sign in conditions.