Loyalty Memberships

Quick and Convenient

The Bluize Loyalty Memberships Software provides a fast and easy membership solution for pubs and gaming and community venues who offer non-renewing memberships.

This allows you to easily manage a detailed membership database for communication, mailing and promotions, or integrate to a pos loyalty or gaming loyalty solution, without requiring ongoing management of membership payments and renewals.

Add Members Quickly

With our Loyalty Memberships Software new members can be entered in a matter of seconds. This component is designed to require only the basics of membership information so that you can enter members quickly and allocate cards instantly.

With a POS interface members can even be added at the till and instantly begin using their card to enjoy loyalty benefits.

This software is flexible and allows you to choose the level of detail you record about your members. This includes contact and demographic information, as well as powerful interest categories for targeted prize allocation and mailing.

Minimal Maintenance

Because our Loyalty Memberships do not renew or require charges and payments, maintenance is almost non-existent. And when you do make infrequent updates such as address changes, the process is quick and simple.

Memberships can even be automatically suspended or cancelled if members become inactive or don’t visit within your specified timeframes.

Mailouts, Email and SMS

Simple mailing processes allow you to easily produce bulk letters, envelopes and emails for a specified group of members in only seconds. This can be for things like birthday vouchers, brochures or newsletters.

Custom fields allow you to determine what information is merged into your mailings, and then one-touch export procedures output custom merge documents.

You can even easily setup automated SMS and Email messages to your members for things like welcome letters, birthday greetings and reward notifications.

Convenient Reporting

One of the most important features of a membership management tool is to know what’s going on. You need to know how many members you have, the demographic breakdown of your members, how often they visit, when they last visited, etc etc etc.

The Bluize Free Memberships Software provides instant real-time access to all this information and more, and you can even schedule these reports to print or email as you require them – daily, weekly or monthly.