Membership Software

Comprehensive Membership options catering to all Hospitality requirements

Like all our software solutions, the Bluize Membership Software is designed to be flexible and efficient.

Our Membership Software options offer all the flexibility and customisation that hospitality memberships require, while minimising maintenance and administration time by automating what can be automated, and simplifying manual processes.

With our hospitality-specific range of Membership Software, we will always have the right customisable solution for your venue’s unique membership needs.

Loyalty Memberships

The Bluize Loyalty Memberships Software provides a fast and easy membership solution for gaming and community venues who offer non-renewing memberships.

This allows you to easily manage a detailed membership database for mailing and promotions, or integrate to a pos loyalty or gaming loyalty solution, without requiring ongoing management of membership payments and renewals.

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Clubs Memberships

Our Clubs Memberships Software is designed specifically for community, sporting and social clubs who offer renewing memberships and need to manage payments and renewals and monitor members’ financial status.

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Solution

The Bluize Sign-In Solution addresses all your club’s licensing requirements by quickly checking each visitor’s details, requiring signature confirmation and providing the necessary visitor receipt records.

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