Ticket Printer

Increase the winning feel of your gaming area with automated prize allocation and receipt and raffle printing through the unique Bluize Ticket Printers.

Prizes are allocated for specific gaming activity, based on your custom settings, and automatically printed to the designated bar, kitchen or raffle printer.

Linking prizes to audio announcements adds to the winning atmosphere, and lets everyone know that more of your members are being rewarded.

You can also schedule announcements to play in the gaming room or throughout your venue to announce promotions, events and jackpots at periodic intervals according to your needs.

Raffle Draws

Let all your members see how much winning occurs in your gaming room with Raffle Tickets automatically printed into a barrel to reward members for achieving activity levels.

Add to the atmosphere by linking the Raffle Tickets to an automated audio Announcement, to let everyone know there’s another winner in the room.

Drink & Meal Vouchers

Reward your loyal members whenever they reach designated activity levels by automatically printing drink or meal vouchers to bar or kitchen printers.

Surprise your members with exceptional service by having staff deliver drinks, coffees or snacks to your members as they play.

Prizes & Merchandise

Promote your venue or product brands by allocating prizes such as caps, tshirts, keyrings, pens or anything else you can think of. Simply set the activity requirements and watch the enjoyment of your members as they proudly display the rewards of their loyalty to your venue.

Scheduled Announcements

Enhance your venue’s promotional activities by scheduling pre-recorded announcements to remind members about promotions, events and specials, and entice non-members by letting them know about the many benefits your venue’s lucky members receive.

The announcements feature provides full control over what gets played and when, so you can strategically manage this information to ensure it has maximum impact on your customers and maximum benefit for your venue.