Point of Sale Loyalty

Implement and Easily Manage a Comprehensive Loyalty Program through Point of Sale Terminals

The Bluize Point of Sale Loyalty component provides a seamless link between Point of Sale and Stock Control operations, and your Membership and Loyalty program.

Encourage repeat business and more regular visits, increase activity during traditionally quieter periods, and target promotional products through customisable loyalty points and promotional prizes.

Members can earn points or receive specified member discounts on meal and drinks purchases automatically at the tills, and can easily use their points to pay for purchases, keeping their spending activity within the venue and maintaining venue profitability.

Customisable Membership Levels

With an unlimited number of configurable membership types available, there is no limit to the customisation of your loyalty settings.

Each membership type has its own points accumulation and redemption ratio for precise loyalty settings, as well as unlimited member price levels and targeting of member rewards and prizes.

Target Promotional Products

Use bonus points for promotional products instead of discounting, for more controlled and profitable loyalty operation. You can quickly and easily allocate specific bonus points settings to any product, and can also integrate prize allocations with specific product purchase conditions.

Also reward target members for specific product and quantity purchases with automated prize allocation and voucher printing.

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Low-Cost Loyalty Administration

The last thing you want in a loyalty program is to be constantly spending time on manual administration and maintenance.

With the Bluize Point of Sale Loyalty module once your points ratios are set they are automatically applied to all transactions, and if necessary can be changed in a matter of seconds. And with the seamless integration to POS there is no need for time-consuming vouchers and manual tracking.