Entry Booth

Increase Floor Traffic

The Bluize member Entry Booth was designed to enhance your members’ experience whenever they visit your venue.

From the moment your members swipe their card they will have the opportunity to play games, win prizes, check up on all the latest news and promotions, enter their footy tips, and see how they went with their picks the week before.

Increase Floor Traffic

Every time a member swipes at our Entry Booth they will be given the feeling of being a special member of your venue.

Members are recognised and greeted personally, and with the simple customisation tools provided with our software you are able to provide each member with their own unique experience. There is no point investing in a product that simply does the same thing every time – you need it to be interactive and fun. Our Booth above anything else provides a reason for your members to come back to your venue.

Game of Chance Creates Excitement

Create a sense of excitement for your members every time they visit your venue with interactive games of chance. With customisable and targeted prize allocaiton, your members will feel like they always have a chance to be a winner.

Use prizes and vouchers to promote your venue and its products and facilities. Prizes such as meal and drink vouchers, tickets to events and functions, and even merchandise prizes, are a great way to ensure your members are experiencing all your venue has to offer.

Promote Your Venue

Advertise promotions, specials and events at your venue through multimedia ads or promotions played on the Entry Booth to your captive audience.

These can be still pictures, slideshows, movie displays or supplier advertising. Why not turn the Entry Booth into a profit centre and lease advertising space – you have a captive market so why not interact with them.

Your Own In-House Footy Tipping

Everyone loves their Footy Tips, and these days there are all sorts of tipping competitions on offer. The problem is, not all of them get your members coming back to your venue.

The interactive tipping offered on the Bluize Entry Booth ensures your valued patrons are tipping at your venue, and our footy tipping allows you to customise the rules and prizes to suit your specific requirements.