Bluize Cashier

Superior Member Service

Prompt and courteous member service is an important part of any gaming room operation, and the Buize Cashier is designed specifically to assist gaming staff in serving members and performing necessary maintenance and enquiry functions quickly and easily.

It also incorporates full access control and auditing to provide management with security over sensitive information, maintenance functionality, and tracking of points and financial transactions.

Convenient Member Identification

Our Cashier offers a number of fast member identification options so that service staff can quickly identify and assist members.

Most venues utilise a member cardswipe for instant and secure recognition, but staff can also easily recall member details through manual card number entry, or handy name search functionality.

Automated Alerts

We have incorporated a number of automated alert processes into our Cashier operation to further assist staff in providing a higher level of service to your members.

Staff are automatically alerted to member birthdays and prizes awaiting collection, and with the Gaming Loyalty module a pop-up alert advises staff when members call for service from their gaming machines.

Easy Member Updates

Maintenance tasks such as updating member address or contact information, assigning new cards, and even adding new members, can be performed quickly and simply at the Cashier terminal.

This means hassle-free updates for members, without needing to complete paperwork and wait for office admin staff to get to their changes.

And because all this functionality is secured by our comprehensive security access, you decide which staff members have access to updating this information.

Prizes & Redemptions

The Cashier provides secure access to allocating member prizes and redeeming member points for products and rewards, encouraging members to make the most of their loyalty program benefits and providing them with a better experience in your venue.