Starting Off on the Right Foot

The Installation process is the very first step in ensuring our clients have a business solution that works for them and improves their operation.

We understand that most of our clients will never have implemented a new system before and rely heavily on our experience, guidance and structured installation schedule for peace of mind that their installation is on track, and to know at all times what needs to be done next, and who’s taking care of it.

We have many years of expertise in planning and implementing custom hospitality solutions for all styles and sizes of hospitality venue, so you don’t have to.

Site Visit

The first stage in our Installation process is to conduct a detailed Site Visit. This allows your Venue Specialist to review the information and equipment in your quote, discuss your specific needs, priorities and expectations, and plan the installation schedule with you to best meet your needs.

We go through all your specific setup requirements to ensure we understand exactly how you want to do things, and have your installation customised to these requirements right from the start.

We plan regular contacts with you throughout the installation process, training sessions, agreed completion dates, equipment delivery and the live day, so that everybody knows exactly what’s going to happen, and when.

Data Preparation

Data Preparation is an important stage of your installation, and this is where we need your input.

We collate your product lists, pricing and all other relevant venue details and setup your database accordingly. We then deliver your equipment and train staff on basic functionality so they can start to check the accuracy and completeness of our setup.

Every venue forgets things in the data – it’s just inevitable. This phase allows us to familiarise your staff with the new equipment, and also perform some basic duties to ensure that everything that should be in your system is, and that it’s accurate. Once we’ve completed our setup we get you to check and make sure nothing has been missed, and this makes the difference between a system where the staff are uncertain because things are missing or have incorrect prices, and a Bluize installation that is flawless from day one.

We then use this as an opportunity to introduce your admin staff to basic maintenance to make any necessary changes, so that everything is perfect for your Live Day.

Live Day

Believe it or not, the Live Day is usually the easiest day of the Installation process.

With all the work and planning invested into the pre-installation procedures we generally find that the service staff are comfortable with the tills, the admin staff know what they need to for basic operation and maintenance, and this day is just an opportunity to fine-tune your setup and find some areas for improvement that you may not have realised until actually using your new solution.

Either way, we’ll be there early to keep an eye on things, and make sure your staff feel comfortable that there’s an expert nearby to help them out should the need arise.


Once your Bluize solution has been installed and you’re up and running is usually the time you have the most questions. These are usually to do with procedural options, things you hadn’t considered during the setup, and new features and options that you’ve never had available before, so after your live day the first thing we do is come back the very next day to help you with these questions.

We also schedule contacts throughout the post-install training stage to ensure everything is still going according to your plans, and conduct a Site Audit after the first month to check that everything is running as expected and to identify whether there is anything we might be able to do to help you get more out of your new solution.

After this, you always have access to our 24 hour a day HelpDesk for any questions or assistance, and your dedicated Venue Specialist for more advanced requirements. We generally find that in time our clients start to change some of their procedures and expectations in line with the new functionality and information they now have available to them, so we’re always here to help you grow.