Faster and More Accurate

Stockabout combines superior scanning speed and accuracy with advanced stock maintenance functionality to provide one of the most user-friendly stocktake solutions available.

This exciting stocktaking tool has been developed in close association with major bottleshops and retail liquor outlets to deliver a tool that helps users quickly and easily complete their stocktakes with accuracy and confidence.

Stockabout also doubles as a management maintenance tool so that managers can perform standard maintenance functions such as price changes, adding barcodes, and general setup changes on the move, without needing to go back to the office pc.

Significantly reduce stocktaking time and increase accuracy with this powerful stock control tool.

No Manual Data Entry

With a Stockabout unit at your fingertips you can move quickly through a stocktake with convenient scanning and intuitive quantity entry, then instantly download figures to your pc, instead of suffering through hours of manual data entry, and additional time spent addressing manual keying and calculation errors.

Superior Scanning Technology

The rugged handheld Stockabout units possess an extremely aggressive and accurate scan technology with a generous range tolerance, so you can be assured of accurate reads first scan, even with trouble barcode labels.

Instant Barcode Updates

Barcodes are constantly changing, and manually recording details of new and unknown barcodes for later maintenance is time consuming and annoying, especially in the middle of a stocktake.

The Stockabout is so clever it not only handles duplicated barcodes for vintages and promotional products, but when a barcode is not recognised the Stockabout automatically prompts you to add the barcode to the necessary item – instant and convenient.

Maintenance On The Run

Constantly walking between the computer in the office and tills in a bar, bistro or bottleshop to make maintenance changes can be a considerable waste of time. Technology should make these things easier and more convenient, and with StockAbout it does.

With the sensational maintenance functionality of the Stockabout you can perform standard maintenance such as price updates and barcode maintenance direct from the Stockabout, and all changes are instantly updated to the system, and to all relevant tills.