Security Hardware

At Bluize we believe security is paramount in choosing an effective business tool, and this is especially true in the hospitality industry.

With the transient nature of hospitality staff all owners, committees and management need to have appropriate levels of security in place to provide automatic security barriers, early warnings of potential breaches, and detailed tracking of activity.

A Bluize solution offers a number of security options to suit your particular business needs.

Staff Trak

The Staff Trak security feature is a powerful tool in helping you manage your venue. Secure your tills and cash drawers, monitor staff performance, and restrict access to management functions. Staff Trak provides the ultimate in Point of Sale Security.

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Cash Point

Cash Point provides a secure and simple solution to gaming drawer security by restricting access to cash drawers and logging all access attempts.

The drawer cannot be opened without authorised access, and all attempts to open the drawer are recorded. With Cash Point your gaming drawers are always secure.

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Entry Point

Entry Point is a comprehensive door security option that allows you to secure restricted member and staff areas with minimal maintenance and maximum convenience.

Typically used for member-only areas such as member bars and change rooms, and secure staff zones such as cash offices and stock rooms, Entry Point offers a quick and simple method for controlling and monitoring access to these areas.

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Security Cameras

Bluize have the ability to interface to Security Camera systems to provide you with a till transaction output which overlays onto your camera feed. This allows you to see exactly what is being rung up on the till at the time of the camera footage.

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