Printing Hardware

Hospitality venues have a range of unique printing requirements, from basic receipt printing to custom remote printing of food and drink orders.

Printers need to be robust and reliable to provide flawless printing during busy periods, and customisable to meet each venue’s specific printing needs.

Bluize supply only high quality printers designed specifically for hospitality environments, and we offer a range of printing solutions to suit each specific area of your operation.

Kitchen Printers

Kitchen Printing is one of the most critical operations in your venue. Nobody wants unhappy customers waiting for meals that never printed, so your Kitchen Printers must be reliable.

You also need to be able to customise Kitchen Printing to make preparation and service as flawless as possible. By making it easier for your kitchen and service staff, your customers are far more likely to get what they asked for, and on time.

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Thermal Receipt Printers

Thermal Receipt Printers provide a superior level in hospitality receipt printing.

Thermal Printers are much faster than standard receipt printers, lower maintenance, and provide advanced printing functionality such as printing logos on receipts.

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