Point of Sale Hardware

The Face of Your Business

Choosing the right Point of Sale Hardware is a critical decision for any hospitality venue. It needs to be fast, easy to use and reliable, and most of all needs to suit your style of operation.

Your POS terminals are a key service tool for your staff and will receive a lot of repetitive use over their lifetime, so be sure they can provide the functionality you need for your business, and perform reliably well into the future.

There are a lot of POS terminals available today, with varying levels of functionality, so it can be difficult to differentiate between a quality product that’s designed specifically for the hospitality industry, and a glorified cash drawer.

We recommend starting with a list, in priority order, of what you need your POS terminals to do for each particular aspect of your business, and then see which terminals can meet those needs. The operational requirements of hospitality venues have become so specific that we recommend and supply a range of proven POS terminals to cater to the individual requirements of bar, bottleshop and dining operations. It’s just a matter of discussing which of these options best suits your venue’s operational needs.


The EzyTouch is the ideal touch terminal for dining operations for Hotels and Clubs. Its large displays, custom-coloured keys and menu structure offer a significant advantage in placing food orders and managing advanced table functionality such as table accounts and split bills.

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The VersaTerm till is the ideal low cost point of sale terminal for Hotels and Clubs. Its quick and intuitive operation and robust spill-proof design is ideally suited to bar operations, but also excels in dining and bottleshop environments.

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The WalkAbout is the ultimate new technology for hospitality venues. With these portable hand-held units providing instant printing to food and drinks printers, floor staff are able to move quickly through service areas, increasing service levels to customers, minimising wait times for drinks and add-on orders, and eliminating wasted floor-walking.

The WalkAbout is ideal for restaurant, bistro and function environments, and excels in outdoor cafes and beer gardens; increasing sales while reducing staffing.

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Designed specifically for Retail Liquor Stores and Hotel Drive-Thru’s, PC POS handles all aspects of wine vintages and bottleshop pricing while maintaining security on discounting and price point matching. PC POS also allows you to perform all maintenance and management functionality directly from the terminal.

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Kitchen Monitor

The Kitchen Monitor system is ideal for cafes, coffee bars, and other quick-service operations.

Orders from EzyTouch tills and portable WalkAbout tablet devices are instantly sent to designated Kitchen Monitors where they are easily viewed and managed on large clear display screens.

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