Bluize seek out and implement the most reliable hardware available, to ensure your venue enjoys uninterrupted operation and product longevity.

Your equipment needs to work, and work every time; in busy, hot, messy hospitality environments. Not all equipment meets this challenge.

Where possible we supply equipment that has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry and its unique operating conditions. And all hardware comes supplied with manufacturer warranties for additional peace of mind.

Point of Sale Hardware

Choosing the right Point of Sale Hardware is a critical decision for any hospitality venue. It needs to be fast, easy to use and reliable, and most of all needs to suit your style of operation.

Printing Hardware

Bluize supply only high quality printers designed specifically for hospitality environments, and we offer a range of printing solutions to suit each specific area of your operation.

Security Hardware

With the transient nature of hospitality staff all owners, committees and management need to have appropriate levels of security in place to provide automatic security barriers, early warnings of potential breaches, and detailed tracking of activity.

Scanning Hardware

Barcode scanners are a critical tool in maximising the efficiency and accuracy of point of sale service.

Stocktake Hardware

Handheld stocktake devices can more than halve the time and cost of performing stocktakes, and severely reduce errors through manual calculation and entry.