Card Suppliers

Cards are an integral part of our hospitality solutions. With our Point of Sale and Gaming Loyalty, member’s Entry Booth, and Entry point door access functionality, most venues have a need for a reliable supplier of quality cards.

Our business partners are familiar with the needs of Bluize clients, and are committed to providing the same level of service and product quality that you enjoy from us.

Precision Data

Precision Data is an Australian Design & Printing Business established in 2001 supplying to a wide range of industry sectors. They have a proven track record of creating effective design and producing products that meet the demands of even the most critical clients.

Utilising the very latest in Digital, Conventional Offset and Silk Screen Printing Technologies in both Australia and China, they are capable of turning jobs around in a matter of days without any need for sacrificing quality. Precision Data are a professional business focused on delivering exceptional service, creative expertise and quality products with visual impact.

… visit the Precision Data website or Contact Precision Data

Custom Plastic Cards

Custom Plastic Cards is a leading supplier of plastic cards.

Custom Plastic Cards provides the highest quality plastic cards in the industry, including membership cards, ID cards, gift cards, plastic business cards and the full range of environmentally friendly cards at low prices.

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