Bluize Partners

Quality Products and Services

A Bluize Partner is a critical part of our business, and yours. They provide quality products and services that help our clients get more out of our solutions, and more out of their business.

We are very selective in choosing our partners, so you can be confident they will deliver the same level of quality and service that you enjoy and expect from us.

Finance Partners

Incorporating your Bluize Solution with a custom-tailored finance package provides a complete business solution that will allow you to easily introduce new leading-edge technology to your venue, while maximising your working capital and maximising tax benefits.

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Hardware Partners

The hardware supplied in our solutions is a vital aspect of your venue’s operation. Equipment needs to work and work every time; in busy, hot and messy hospitality environments. Not all equipment meets this challenge.

That’s why we take the selection of our hardware partners very seriously. We need to be sure that their equipment won’t let you down. We seek out the most reliable hardware available, with a focus on equipment that has been specifically designed for the hospitality industry and its unique operating conditions.

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Card Suppliers

Cards are an integral part of our hospitality solutions; with our Point of Sale and Gaming Loyalty, member’s Entry Booth, and Entry point door access functionality; almost all our clients have a need for a reliable supplier of quality cards.

Our business partners are familiar with the needs of Bluize clients, and are committed to providing the same level of service and product quality that you enjoy from us.

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Charity Organisations

Bluize is proud to be an Australian company, working to bring quality solutions to Australian businesses. We are also very proud to be involved in our local communities and helping to assist community organisations in performing their important work.

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